Advanced Praise For Regain That Feeling

“For anyone who believes that paralysis equals a life without sexual pleasure, Dr. Tepper’s hopeful and instructive book tackles a subject that most medical professionals overlook. Tepper explains how accurate sexual information, combined with trust and safety can transcend physical limitations to ignite sexual pleasure. Regain that Feeling is a wonderful book that provides realistic hope to anyone who has suffered a sexual loss secondary to serious injury or illness.”

--Lee Woodruff, author of Perfectly Imperfect and co-author with Bob Woodruff of In an Instant

Dr. Tepper's book shares an informative, creative and honest look at disability and sexuality. It's a great read that redefines sex and pleasure and demonstrates how difference can be good. Definitely worth it for anyone looking to explore sexuality through a different lens.

--Tim Rose, Co-founder, The Rose Centre for Love, Sex and Disability

“Only Mitch Tepper could put together this kind of poignant blend of research, personal experience, and pure insight to get to the essence of love, intimacy, and true sexiness — disability or not."

-- Gary Karp, author of Life On Wheels and Disability & the Art of Kissing

"In Regain that Feeling, Dr. Mitchell Tepper shares his feelings, experiences, and knowledge in a non-judgmental way to help people with disabilities and their partners learn more about positive sensual and sexual experiences. A must-read for people with disabilities, their partners, and those who advocate for them.

--Dr. Beverly Whipple, author of The G Spot and Other Recent Discoveries About Human Sexuality

“Mitchell Tepper, PhD, MPH continues to enrich the knowledge and awareness for professionals and pragmatically address the sexuality and relationship concerns for individuals with spinal cord injury. A rare combination of personal experience with academic expertise, Dr. Tepper speaks of understanding and resilience to face life challenges after injury or serious illness. Most important, Regain That Feeling is a valuable consumer book for regaining one’s meaning and enjoyment in life participation. Clearly, one of those must read books!”

--Sigmund Hough, Ph.D., ABPP/rp, Assistant Professor at Harvard Medical School, Editor-in-Chief, Sexuality and Disability.

"What a great job Dr. Tepper has done with this book! Regain that Feeling is so well researched and so filled with personal open and honest stories, that Dr. Tepper have taken this subject matter to a whole new level. This book is a must read for anyone with any disability, their lovers and their family members. I am so grateful for this book. Not only is he teaching us, but he is teaching the world that people with disabilities are sexual beings. And very much so. Please as an act of kindness to yourself, read this book."

--Dr. Dan Gottlieb, author of The Wisdom We're Born with: Restoring Faith in Ourselves

“Regain that Feeling is a extremely valuable tool for men and women with spinal cord injury and other conditions that tend to demolish sexuality and intimacy. I even can use this in part of my oncosexology work! Although not written for them, I am sure that many rehabilitation professionals could benefit as well. For sure I will recommend this book in my lectures.”

--Woet L. Gianotten, MD-psychotherapist, consultant in rehabilitation sexology (the Netherlands)

"At last a book to guide spinal injured people towards enjoying sex to the full! This tiny tome covers a wide range of information, from clear facts about spinal injury and physical sexual arousal, to changing attitudes and goals. There are frank personal accounts of Dr. Tepper’s both personal and professional life journeys. He demonstrates how anger can prevent spinal injured people moving forward towards self acceptance and sexual ecstasy, without focus on genitalia or physical perfection."

-–Dr. Tuppy Owens, founder of Outsiders and TLC, and author of Supporting Disabled People with their Sexual Lives.

“Regain that Feeling is amazing and insightful and useful! Dr. Tepper presents groundbreaking research demonstrating that men and women with spinal cord injury are capable of having full sex lives and he provides real strategies to rediscover intimacy and sexuality after injury. Congratulations are due for offering something so needed to the spinal cord injury community. "

--Rafe Eric Biggs, Ph.D., Founder, Sexability.

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